Covid-19 Antibody Testing | £80 per test

Public Health England approved antibody test to detect the presence of IgG antibodies

JDoc365 is currently conducting Covid-19 antibody testing using the Abbott reagent blood test available through our laboratory.

This test is Public Health England approved and compares favourably with the other test available through Roche which is not yet currently available commercially.

The test offered by JDoc365 is a whole blood test and not a rapid finger prick test.

We wish to advise patients that there is no scientific evidence to prove that the presence of COVID-19 antibodies implies immunity.

At all times one should follow government guidelines and continue to heed the advice of Public Health England regardless of the test outcome.

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    • Is the test government recognised?

    • The Covid-19 blood analysis is a Public Health England recognised test. The results are shared with Public Health England and forms part of the national statistics.

    • What does the test measure and how accurate is it?

    • This blood test is an antibody test and measures the IgG antibody which is typically found in the bloodstream 2-3 weeks after infection has occurred. The test has 100% sensitivity and 97.5% specificity. This means that the test will not identify any false negatives but can show false positives. The more sensitive a test the less chance of a false negative and the higher the specificity the less chance of a false positive result. This means that this test will not miss a person who is positive but may record a positive in more people than is true. This is why having a clinical history or record of someone being unwell is very helpful in the context of knowing if a positive result is really positive.

    • How long does it take to get results?

    • Results from the Covid-19 blood test are typically available within 1 to 2 days. However there are times when the results may take longer. This may be due to laboratory processing times which are out of JDoc365’s control.

    • When is the best time to do the test?

    • This blood test measures the presence of antibodies and cannot be used to diagnose current infection. To ensure results are most accurate it is necessary to allow the body time to produce antibodies after infection. The test should only be performed at a minimum 2 weeks after symptoms have presented.

    • Will the test work if I have only experienced mild or no symptoms at all?

    • This test will detect antibodies on anyone who has had the virus even if the antibody level is low. However in some cases where there are extremely low levels of antibodies which fall below threshold of the assay, these will be undetectable. If you experienced no symptoms at all but wish to pursue testing it is of questionable value to do a test for the disease. However we do know that some people have clinically undetectable infections but still develop antibodies.

    • How is the test carried out and can children be tested?

    • This is a whole blood test and not a rapid finger prick test. Blood is taken from the arm and the vial sent to the laboratory for processing. Please note for children: Medical procedures on children can be traumatic. We are happy to discuss each situation on its own merits to help decide if a child should have a test.

    • If I test positive does this mean I have immunity?

    • Public Health England have yet to make a decision regarding immunity as it is not yet clear that having IgG antibodies to Covid-19 protects one from contracting the virus a second time. There has been media coverage regarding immunity and we know that exposure to an illness leading to antibodies usually means immunity is established. However Covid-19 is not necessarily obeying these rules. Therefore the presence of antibodies at the time of this writing cannot definitively mean one cannot be reinfected.

    • Will I be issued a passport?

    • Although the government has recognised this as a valid test, at this present moment in time passports will not be issued. If there is clear guidance from Public Health England that antibody tests are a recognised means of providing a passport, we will be happy to issue them at that time to those who have had the test. We do however provide the results by email with an explanation and we can also send out a practice stamped and signed original result on request.