Services & Special Treatments


GP Services

JDoc365 provides a comprehensive general medical practitioner service. In addition to preventative and minor healthcare matters, this also includes treatment of more serious conditions, the management of medical emergencies and chronic conditions where longer term care may be required.

Baby Clinic

Baby Clinic is available to patients from six weeks to 1 year old and provides a general assessment of baby growth, progression and care advice. Bookings are restricted to one per month unless requested by a JDoc365 GP, and are free to members.

Diagnostic Imaging & Scanning

JDoc365 surgeries have X-ray, Ultrasound, CT and MRI scanning facilities onsite, or have arrangements with local facilities. This eliminates delay by allowing fast-track turnaround. Rather than waiting for a scan to come back to your GP for diagnosis, JDoc356 GPs can provide you with a diagnosis quickly, saving valuable time if further private medical treatment is required.

Immunisation & Vaccination

Immunisation is an important way to protect against many preventable infectious diseases, especially for babies, the elderly and those travelling to high-risk destinations. We can vaccinate against measles, mumps, rubella (MMR), Meningitis B, seasonal flu and pneumonia.

A one-off shingles vaccination is also available for patients over 50 years old. This vaccination is of particular benefit to those with diabetes, mellitus or chronic airway abnormalities. Swine Flu vaccinations are also available, although these are regulated and we are only permitted to immunise vulnerable patients at high risk.

Outpatient Parental Antibiotics Therapy (OPAT)

JDoc365 provides innovative OPAT treatments for patients in the comfort of their own home. Patients are treated in line with consultant advised programmes and each visit is recorded along with a detailed history of events and progress.

Phlebotomy Services

JDoc365 conduct blood tests to assist in the diagnosis and monitoring of a wide range of medical conditions. Results are available quickly, enabling the doctor to identify the best treatment or course of action for you without unnecessary delay.

Physical Therapy

JDoc365 delivers a range of therapies through our resident physiotherapist and our specialist therapists. Our physio offers home visits and regular clinics for arthritis and chest conditions, muscle and joint problems, tennis elbow, nerve pain, arthritis, soft tissue injuries and respiratory disorders.

We also offer mobility treatment after falls, including manual therapy, neural mobilisation and soft tissue massage, rehabilitation, sports strapping, ultrasound treatment and postural correction.

Prescribing Drugs

Patients can have their medication dispensed directly by the doctor at the time of being seen. Where appropriate, our private prescriptions are also accepted by all pharmacies.

Well Women Clinic

The JDoc365 Well Woman clinic is staffed by female doctors for customer’s peace oal treatments and advice on everything from gynaecological matters to family planning, from cervical smears to breast disease and menopause. We can discuss and check your general health in a peaceful, confidential and supportive setting. 

Corporate Wellbeing

Offer your staff the benefits of high-quality medical care

The JDoc365 Corporate Wellbeing Scheme is available in three levels, each designed to suit the needs of commercial businesses, from small independents to well-established SMEs and large corporations. Staff and their families can be covered, so the benefits can extend beyond individual employees.

Minimise Downtime. JDoc365 can hold regular surgeries on your own premises, providing a convenient and valued service, and dramatically cutting the hours lost when staff attend a regular GP.

Employee Benefits. Attracting and retaining the best staff is also a key issue for many businesses, so the JDoc365 Corporate Wellbeing Scheme is a very attractive employee benefit.

For more information or to book your JDoc365 Corporate Package, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. JDoc365 Reception or call 0800 043 1492.