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Are you wheezing, coughing and having trouble breathing?

What is Asthma

Asthma is a chronic and recurring inflammatory response of the respiratory system. It is an abnormal immune response in the airways that have become hypersensitive to certain triggers. The airways contract into spasm, inflame and narrow creating breathing difficulties.

As asthma is not just one disease but has up to five variants, we are trained to assess and diagnose the variant you have. As many as 30% of patients on asthma treatment don’t have asthma at all and of those who are treated, half have too much medication and the other half too little.


Triggers that lead to an asthma attack can include hay fever, pollen, dust mites, pet sensitivities, medication sensitivities, viral respiratory infections, exercise and emotional stress. Although most triggers are unidentifiable at the time, a minority of sufferers do have a specific identified allergy trigger.

Asthma can be characterised as either mild, moderate, or severe. It can begin in adulthood, but is usually first experienced as a child. Genetics can play a small role in that children are more likely to develop the condition if their father was susceptible or if the child was a firstborn.

JDoc365 Assessments

JDoc365 have developed novel approaches to asthma using unique protocols developed by our own Asthma team. These allow us to determine the level of the disease and deal with the condition in Primary Care.

Asthma assessments are overseen by our doctors in the clinic using state of the art Feno testers suitable for patients of all ages from five upwards. The results are reviewed by our Asthma team and for those with Asthma, treatment is prescribed.

Working with top consultants in the field, we invite you to come in for a comprehensive asthma assessment and learn more about how your asthma can be managed.

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