Vaccines/ Travel Vaccinations

Flu Vaccinations available from October 2019

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New Flucelvax Tetra Quadrivalent Vaccine available at JDoc

NOT available on the NHS

  • Fluad (Trivalent Injection)

    Age Group Members Non-Members
  • FLUAD is a standard-dose, three-component inactivated flu vaccine, manufactured by Seqirus that contains an adjuvant. It is manufactured using an egg-based process (like most flu vaccines), and is formulated with the adjuvant MF59.
    Specifically for people 65 years and older £19 £25
  • Flucelvax Tetra (Quadrivalent Injection)

    Age Group Members Non-Members
  • Flucelvax Tetra, manufactured by Seqirus is the first cell-based quadrivalent influenza vaccine (QIVc) to be made available in Europe. Flucelvax Tetra is prepared in cell cultures, and, therefore, is egg-free.
    Individuals aged nine years and older INCLUDING OVER 65 YEARS £25 £30
  • Fluenz (Flu) Nasal Vaccinations

    Age Group Members Non-Members
  • The vaccine is given as a single spray squirted up each nostril. A big advantage for children is that not only is it needle-free, but the nasal spray is quick and painless.
    Children aged 2-17 years ** £35 £45

Wherever you’re going, make sure you’re well protected…

JDoc provides a travel advice and vaccination service, and can vaccinate against many preventable diseases, especially for those travelling to high-risk destinations.

If you’re planning to travel, especially to high-risk areas, you may need to be vaccinated. You don’t always need to, but consulting with a JDoc365 GP will help you understand which diseases may be a risk where you are going.

Some vaccinations are only available from JDoc365 and selected other private travel clinics. These include encephalitis, rabies, tuberculosis and yellow fever. JDoc365 can also offer vaccinations for diphtheria, polio and tetanus combined, along with typhoid, hepatitis A and cholera.

Accredited Yellow Fever Centre

JDoc365 is an Accredited Yellow Fever Centre. Consult with your JDoc365 doctor GP to find out if a yellow fever vaccination is necessary for your journey.

Many countries around the world will not accept travelers from an area prone to yellow fever unless they can prove to have been vaccinated against it. Some countries will not allow travelers to enter unless they have an ICVP (International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis).

Things To Consider

  • The countries you are visitings
  • If you are an aid worker
  • The time of year you are travelling
  • If you are in a medical setting
  • Whether you are staying in a rural or urban area
  • If you are working with animals
  • Whether you are staying in a hotel or hostel, backpacking or camping
  • If you are pregnant or attempting to become pregnant
  • The length of your stay
  • If you are breastfeeding
  • Your activities during your stay
  • Your age and your own overall health

Plan ahead

Vaccinations should be administered at least eight weeks before you are due to travel. Some vaccinations involve multiple doses spread over several weeks. Your body needs time to develop an immunity from the vaccination before you expose yourself to live samples of the disease.

Immune Deficiencies

People with immune deficiencies may not be suitable to receive vaccinations. This can include conditions that affect your body’s immune system, such as HIV or AIDS, ongoing clinical trials, chemotherapy, or a bone marrow or organ transplant.

For more information or to book your JDoc365 Travel Vaccinations, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. JDoc365 Reception or call 0203 656 5657