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Rapid and Accurate Covid-19 Testing 

JDoc365 have partnered with Express Covid Test Ltd, innovators in rapid Covid testing solutions, to offer our patients access to the very latest testing technology, with the aim of delivering tests results within 90 minutes.*

As part of this collaboration, we will be offering a variety of Covid tests, selected and approved to meet stringent sensitivity and specificity guidelines. Testing will take place at  JDoc365’s dedicated Covid-19 testing site in Temple Fortune and will be performed by JDoc365 medical professionals. Should you wish to discuss the results of your test with a doctor, this will be charged at JDoc365’s standard telephone consultation rates.

The location of the JDoc365 Covid-19 testing site is: Rear entrance 2a Hayes Crescent, NW11 0DE

So, whether you need a “Fit to Fly” test before you travel, Test to Release, want to know if you currently have the virus, or have antibodies suggesting previous infection, book your test today.

* This refers to certain Antibody tests only

Test to Release

Reduce your quarantine period following international travel from a non-red-corridor country, by having a COVID PCR test as part of the government’s Test to Release for international travel scheme. Pricing from £155

Covid-19 PCR Test

This tells you if you have the virus now, with results delivered the next working day**Pricing from £155

** We aim to get all PCR results to you by the next working day, but in some cases there is a chance that your test results may be delayed so please take this into consideration if you are booking a Fit to Fly test for an upcoming flight.  Test results will be emailed to you once they are returned from the lab.

Covid-19 Antibody Tests

JDoc365 offers a variety of Antibody tests.

Please note, appointments for a venous antibody blood test for a child under the age of 12 must be discussed prior to booking. Please contact us by telephone prior to booking. 

Covid19 Rapid Nucleocapsid Antibody Test (finger prick test) – Only carried out in Temple Fortune Clinic

This test will tell you if you have developed antibodies after having the Covid-19 infection in the past. It will not detect antibodies acquired as a result of the vaccine.

The result will be either positive or negative and does not provide a level of antibodies.

This is a finger prick test and results are delivered in approximately 90 minutes.

Pricing from £125

Covid-19 Spike Protein Antibody test (Venous Blood Test)

This blood test assesses the level of antibodies to the Covid-19 spike protein which may be present after having the Covid-19 infection
and/or had the vaccine. This test alone will not identify how the antibodies were acquired.

This is a venous blood test and results are delivered within 24-36 hours.

Pricing from £125

Covid-19 Combined Spike and Nucleocapsid Antibody test (Venous Blood Test)

This blood test will help determine whether you have developed antibodies as a result of the vaccine or a previous Covid-19 infection.

A positive Spike Antibody test and a negative Nucelocapsid Antibody test imply vaccine acquired antibodies, and not due to having a
Covid19 infection.

A positive Spike Antibody test and a positive Nucleocapsid Antibody test implies antibodies acquired after having the Covid-19 infection and potentially from vaccination too.

This is a venous blood test and results are delivered within 24-36 hours.

Pricing from £200

Covid-19 Testing for Businesses


Enquire about Covid-19 testing for your Business

JDoc365 offers bespoke corporate packages for Covid-19 testing.

To book Covid-19 testing for your business or for more information please complete the form. A member of our team will be in touch.