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Important Information
Day 2 test results will take a MINIMUM of 2 working days.
Whilst we will do our best to ensure that results are received at a MINIMUM of 2 working days, JDoc365 cannot control any time lags or problems that may occur as a result of and not limited to postal delays/ science/ laboratory errors/ human errors etc. or any factors beyond our control.

Day 2 - Postal Delivery, Self Swab at Home

JDoc Medical Limited (t/a JDoc365) is listed on the Government website/gov.uk.

Government guidance requires you to purchase your test pre-arrival into the UK.

Once you have paid for your test(s) you will receive an email with a unique reference number to use on the passenger locator form that must be completed prior to arrival in the UK.  This email will also include an attachment with a confirmation of order.  It is a good idea to print it and have it ready for inspection upon arrival in the UK.

When making your day 2 purchase you will be asked to book an appointment. This is not a physical appointment and does not require you to come into a clinic. Instead please select the date and approximate time you expect to enter the UK. This information is used internally.

You will need to activate any self-swab tests using an online portal – further instructions to follow.’