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Important Information

NB – This is not a Day 2 and/or 8 test required for arrival in the UK.
If you require a Day 2 and/or 8 test please return to the Covid-19 Testing page and view the section on Day 2 and 8 Testing.

NEXT DAY RESULTS: Please be advised that next day results are not guaranteed to be sent within 24 hours of your appointment time, so if you are traveling the day after your test we recommend you book a ‘same day results’ test.

SAME DAY RESULTS: Results are delivered the same day if the test is done before 3pm on Monday to Friday and 11.30am on a Sat, Sun and bank holiday. We cannot guarantee an exact time that your results will be reported on the same day, but results are sent once they are received from the lab.

Results may be emailed after hours, so when booking a test please take into consideration that you may only receive your results late at night (up until midnight).

AFTER HOURS SURCHARGE: Early morning appointments (before 9am) and late evening appointments (8pm or later) will incur a £25 surcharge.

If you are booking one of these appointments please tick the AFTER HOURS SURCHARGE box. Ticking this box will ensure you are charged accordingly. Failure to pay this surcharge will result in your test results being withheld.